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J.K.V.: A name to remember!

1947    JKV started as distributor of chocolate moulds in metal and bakelite.

1959    Founding of the famous JKV 30 wheel tempering machine.

1974    Start of producing and importing chocolate moulds in polycarbonate, plexiglass and makroform

2000   More than 12.000 JKV 30 wheel tempering machines sold worldwide.

2012    65 years anniversary!

JKV offers a complete range of chocolate moulds, tempering and moulding machines, accessories and packaging. With 65 years of experience we know exactly what you need for the production of high-quality chocolates.

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Den Bulk 1 - 5126 PW Gilze
P.O. Box 7 - 5126 ZG Gilze
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 161 45 22 90
Fax +31 161 45 16 55

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Visiting our showroom, by appointment only